Monday, 21 May 2012

Reality Gives News...Wall Painting Project

Before the painting at 7am in the morning!
After the painting at 11am in the morning!
Ten students from Reality Gives' programs in Dharavi joined together with 8 street children and their parents to complete two wall segments. The first mural shows the trees and waters that are found in Mumbai highlighting the message "keep us clean" with the dream of seeing a cleaner Mumbai. The second shows a colorful and happy home...which some of the children who were painting for the project do not have. 

Summer and Arnand (our girls football teacher) start to paint

Himanshu (art teacher) and Kavita (ELS teacher) working on the other wall.

 "The morning had a really wonderful community engagement feel to it. Other painters were sharing supplies, tips and snacks and it was especially wonderful to be able to engage the families living on the streets there. Afterall, this really is their home that we were decorating.", Summer who were painting with the kids was telling. 

Reality Gives, in partnership with Bombay Underground, is hoping to work more with the Matunga street children for future art projects.
The wall gets more and more colorful!

The kids from our Dharavi community and street kids working together.
The result was very pretty!

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