Thursday, 20 September 2012

Reality Gives Projects...Jazz Dance Class

Last Sunday the first session of the jazz dance class took place in the Reality Gives Community Centre. Maria, an American professional dancer who works for a local dance studio and her assistant Deshna volunteer to do regular dance workshops for the kids of Dharavi. 

How to teach 26 kids?
A new challenge for the dance coaches. 
She and the Reality Gives team were very surprised and happy that all together 26 kids came. Their started with some basic jazz moves followed by a short routine to Justin Bieber's "Eanie Meanie". Maria realized soon that these kids are no amateurs.  Their moves were already very good, some even tried to do breakdancing during the two hours session. 

But the boys and the girls were very
disciplined and followed the steps well.
"The first class was great and I already look forward to work with the kids more often. We aim a regular dance class on Sundays and hope that all the participants will come again", Maria said enthusiastically.

A warm-up is important!

Asim also learned some dance-moves,
the kids taught him well!

Some kids are already professionals

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