Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Reality Tours and Travel New Guides...Subhash and Sagar

Subhash Naidu

Subhash has grown up and still lives with his family in Dharavi on 90 feet Road, not far from our Reception Centre. He says that sometimes his friends wonder why he shows foreigners around in their neighborhood but he just ignores them and dreams of his future. 

Because Subhash uses the job as a guide to earn money for his motor racing career. He can join a professional team in Chennai but for that he has to earn money to pay the membership. Apart from partly legal motor races he also loves to dance. He is part of the very famous Hip-Hop and Breakdance group "The Slumgods" and is more than proud of that.

He found out about the job through his sister who was a student of the Youth Empowerment Program last year which is funded by the tours. He likes the job because he doesn't sit around in an office and get bored all day long!

Sagar Vatapu

Sagar was born in Andra Pradesh but moved with his family to Mumbai when he was in the third grade. He likes Mumbai much better he says but that's because his friends are here.

He currently studies his Bachelor of Commerce but his dream is to become a sound engineer in the future. Why? Because he is a DJ by passion. Like his friend Subhash he is a member of "The Slumgods" and puts on dubstep, Hip-Hop and Tribal. He loves also to just produce beats, to breakdance and hang around with his friends from the Slumgods.

Sagar lives with his parents and two brothers in Santa Cruz East.


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