Thursday, 2 August 2012

Reality Gives Stories #2...Our football girls Mahalakshmi and Christeena

Mahalakshmi Sounderrajn (14)

Mahalakshmi is in 9th Standard. She joined the Dharavi team because she likes football and running. Although she had not playing football on a team before, she does play carrom board. She comes to practice every day. Her favorite drills include dribbling and heading. She would love to play a real match soon! At school, Mahalakshmi’s best subject is math. In her free time she likes to watch cartoon movies. In the future, she wants to work in a beauty parlor and visit America.

Christeena Jogan (19)

Christeena joined the Dharavi team because she loves playing football, and did not have a chance to play since she last played on her school’s team. Christeena played defense on her last team, and also played on her school tennis team. Her favorite drills now include heading and kicking. She makes sure she comes to practice everyday, because she gets bored otherwise! Christeena also enjoys dancing, carrom board, and Snakes and Ladders. She plans to marry very soon, but wants to keep playing football. Someday she would like to visit America.

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