Thursday, 30 August 2012

Reality Gives supporters...The books of the 5th grade of the Cambridge Primary School in Australia

English teacher Kavita shows the students of the 2nd grade a Kangaroo called Joey. The story also contains a dingo - both very alien but interesting animals for the Dharavi kids!

In March 2012 the primary school teacher Kelly Hardy from Melbourne Australia posted the following on the Reality Gives facebook wall:

"My parents, are booked to come on a tour with one of your guides, David Jones on 3/06/2012. I am a teacher at a primary school in Melbourne, Australia and the students would like to do something for a school in Mumbai or the NGO's kindergarten. We were going to do a school fundraiser and my parents were going to bring the money with them to Mumbai however I have read some other posts on your Facebook page that say that you only accept donations through Paypal. 

Could you let me know what other donations are needed for school or kindergartens? 

The students were thinking of making some books for the children to look at and perhaps that something that would be worthwhile?"

Sujata shows the 1st standard students how
wombats live in Australia
And her parents came and brought great books made by the kids of the 5th grade of the Cambridge Primary School in Melbourne. The books contain great self-made fiction and non-fiction stories on native animals to Australia like the kangaroo, the emu and wombat. 

Is it a bear? Or a mole? No it's a wombat!
The students of the 1st and 2nd grade of the English Language Program at the municipal Kala Killa school in Dharavi were a little bit confused learning about these strange animals. "That's a peacock" was one child shouting when he saw the emu on one of the pictures. The teachers who all are from Dharavi as well and who went through the one year long Muktangan training to learn the very modern child-centered teaching methods explained the young kids that these animals live in a very far country called Australia. 

Mujassum explains the other 2nd grade
group the emu
The students from Melbourne and their teacher Kelly Hardy now think about organizing a fundraiser for Reality Gives in the next year. We appreciate their support a lot and just love the cute books as much as the Kala Killa students love them. Thank you so much! 

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  1. My students were so excited to read your blog and see their books on the page. They were really happy that your students liked their books. I hope we can continue to assist next year.

    Regards, Kelly Hardy