Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Reality Gives Stories...YEP Students Asmabee, Kuyaram and Pankaj

Asmabee, 25 

Asmabee has lost her parents, and works hard at home to look after her five older siblings. When her mother was sick, Asmabee felt that the nursing staff didn’t give her mother a good standard of care. She is now determined to undertake a nurse training course in Santa Cruz so she can help others. Asmabee reached 5th standard at school and wants to grow as a person and move on in life through taking part in this course.

Kuyaram, 19

Kuyaram'a family owns a general store on 90ft Road in Dharavi. He works part-time in the store while he studies for his HSC in Commerce at a local college. At the moment, Kuyaram feels embarrassed in many situations - job interviews, talking with friends - when he cannot communicate in English. He wants to improve his fluency by speaking English every day. His ambition is to undertake a 5-year training course in Chembur to become a lawyer.

Pankaj, 18

Pankaj was born in Dharavi. After completing the 10th Standard, he had a job as a movie cameraman for a year and a half. Pankaj loves to travel, enjoys karam and likes to play games and access the internet on his phone. Following in his father’s footsteps, Pankaj would now like get into the leather import-export business. English is important to him because it will help him in this business and to make new friends.

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