Saturday, 27 April 2013

Reality Gives Stories...YEP Students Zaiba, Afshan and Vaishali

Zaiba, 20 

Zaiba came to the Youth Empowerment Program to improve her English and computer skills after completing both the HSC in Commerce and a tailoring course in Dharavi. Zaiba hopes to enrol on a telecommunications course at Bhavans College, Churni Road. She is a talented painter, and wanted to become a graphic designer, but her parents would prefer her to find a job in computing.

Afshan, 19

Afshan has just completed the HSC in Commerce. She joined the Youth Empowerment Programme because she wanted to learn more about computing and to improve her fluency in English. Afshan is very creative and she would like to become a fashion designer, designing ladies’ clothes. She is currently searching for a suitable course at Charni Road and plans to apply once she has completed the course.

  Vaishali, 18

Vaishali feels upset that she is unable to speak English like those around her. She is very concerned about her future and feels English will be helpful for finding a secure job that will allow her some independence. If she marries, she thinks it will also be useful for helping her children. She likes to dance, and would really love to be able to play the piano, although lessons are too expensive for her family.

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