Thursday, 25 April 2013

Reality Gives Stories...YEP Students Reshma, Ahmed and Sharukh

Reshma, 20

Reshma is a first year student on an Arts degree programme, which includes a mixture of languages, geography and economics. Her father works in a bakery in Dharavi. She is very busy, juggling college classes, the Youth Empowerment programme and caring for her mother, who is unwell. She eventually hopes to become a teacher in a government school. Once she has finished her degree, she will embark on a two year teacher training program.


Ahmed is currently working as a tailor in Dharavi. He learned his skill at his uncle’s factory. Nobody in his family speaks English, and nobody has been given such an opportunity to learn, so he is determined to take advantage of this course. Ahmed would like to go to Dubai, where his brother is already a salesman, and either set up his own tailoring business, or become a salesman. Ahmed would like to get a good job so he is able to donate money to the mosque. He hopes that this money 
can help people in his community.

Shahrukh, 18

Sharukh has lived in Dharavi all his life. He father works as a taxi driver. He is currently studying in a private college to complete 10th Standard. Sharukh would eventually like to become a mechanical engineer. This requires a three year training, which he hopes to undertake in Aligarh. He will need English language skills to help him secure a good job at the end of the training.

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