Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Reality Gives Stories...YEP-Students Afreen, Gowardhan and Pratiksha

Afreen, 23

Afreen lives in Dharavi with her mother, four brothers and one sister. She has already completed the HSC and the theoretical part of a nursing course. Once she has done the practical element she will be in a position to apply for a job at a government hospital. When she is not busy with household duties, Afreen does yoga, which she learned from a TV channel, in her free time. She wants be able to speak English as easily as she speaks Hindi or Urdu.

Gowardhan, 30

Gowardhan needs to improve his English in order to support his two sons at school. There is an expectation that parents can communicate with both their children and the teachers in English, and at the moment he cannot do this. Gowardhan is a carpenter, and he would like to get a job on a cruise liner so his better able to support his family. He will need English skills to find such a job.


Pratiksha would like to improve her vocabulary and fluency in English in order to secure a job, possibly in an accounts office. Pratiksha is an only child and lives in Sion. She was studying in Sion for her BCom, and has now graduated. She enjoys reading books and newspapers, listening to songs and watching TV. Pratiksha also dreams of being a successful lawyer. She hopes that she might be able to pursue her legal training if she improves her English. 

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